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A small puzzle...

Hello, all! Erin, aka Neville, here with a question for all you HP-maniacs out there.

I just finished re-reading OotP after having let the info digest for a bit. A few new things poppe out at me, but the one I wanted to ask about concerned the Care of Magical Creatures class on thestrals. After introducing them to the class Hagrid asked everyone who could see them to raise their hand. He then started to “tick off” everyone with their hands up. He mentioned Harry and Neville but was cut off by The Toad before naming the third student. After the class the Trio were discussing it and Ron expressed surprise that there were actually three students in the class who could see them.

Since the class was comprised only of Gryffindor and Slytherin students, that rules Luna out (who we know can see thestrals). Was anyone able to come up with an identity for the third student in the class? I wonder if it is going to be a factor for the next two books.
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